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In order to maximize the learning opportunities in this course (get the most benefits), let's review how you should navigate and use the course and it's sections!

Now, we'd like to tell you something extra important about the details you will learn in this course. We've created the material, focusing on how native speakers (like us) use the course!

Pay attention to the uses in each of the grammar point presentations. Grammar is important because it helps emphasize something different. So remember that you can use the simple past or the past continuous to talk about a past action, for example, but the emphasis, the meaning of what you (the speaker) are trying to say is different . This is also true for the simple future with "will" and "be going to".

Really use this course, and the presentations to understand these differences so you can begin to express yourself more like a native speaker, and truly emphasize what you mean.

Take a minute to review the importance of emphasis.